Introducing Agro4pro INTERNATIONAL

Agro4pro is a partnership of professionals whose skills complement each other to provide a wealth of experience. The partners bring in-depth knowledge of biology, agriculture, construction, management, marketing, and sales. The Agro4pro team has designed a unique greenhouse that fulfills an unexplored niche in the greenhouse industry. The Agro4pro mini professional series are greenhouses of 26, 38, 62, and 122 sq. meters. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy winds, snowfall, and hail. The greenhouses are constructed from rugged steel profiles and supported by steel cables. Agro4pro sells a 16mm polycarbonate roof greenhouse to North America and Northern India. Additionally available is a roof is made from a special Ethylene Trifluoride is known as ETFE which is highly translucent resistant, flexible, and extremely strong.